A unique solution for our clients’ competiveness

Once goods have landed in Vietnam, our clients can chose to delay the payment of duties. Such goods are placed in our Customs controlled Bonded Warehouse for a specific period until the time is right to be moved for distribution or consumption or re-export to another country. Our Bonded warehouse allows traders to store goods with duty or import VAT payments suspended.

We are licensed to operate such services as storage of dutiable goods and under special approval, cleaning, sorting, and re-packaging.

Our warehouse services are designed to facilitate trade which provide our clients the ability to pull products at its prime time and redistribute when sales spikes

When to use our Bonded Warehouse

  • You have not known the final destination of your goods
  • You have not found buyers for all or some of your goods
  • Your import licenses or paperwork have been delayed, or you’re waiting for a duty-relief quota to become available (for example, for agricultural goods)

A wealth of competitiveness


  • Our Bonded Warehouse strategically locates at the heart of South East Asian trade routes. From here you can easily reach smaller networks of commercial and non-commercial transportation routes.
  • At GD-Trans Bonded warehouse we extend our service to cargo insurance. So you can rest assure when your goods are stored in warehouse, they are 100% protected in case of theft, damage, or loss


Cost Efficiency

Our 24 years logistics expertise means we can combine the most efficient modes of transportation based on each client’s logistics needs to reduce the freight costs


GD-Trans has earned a firm reputation of a reliable and punctual service providing total logistics service in Vietnam. We strive to provide the highest standard of services in the industry

Dedicated Customer Care

We proudly employ responsible and experienced employees who readily go the extra mile to provide the best and most sufficient solutions for our clients